The Lake-born Vajra – Guru Padmasambhava

In you I came to see the living Buddha, O, gentle and loving, the boundless expanse! Even a sight of you touched the hearts of beings, As a cool breeze that dissolved ego’s hardness. Thinking of you, opens the lotus of my heart To the playful expanse of my own awareness! Thy simplicity, the stainless play of pristine wisdom, Reveals in me, the youthfulness of naked awareness!

Open Way of Awakening


Freedom to wake up from the slumber of ignorance, freedom to see the pathways of benefit. In the state of that supreme freedom, benefiting others is so joyous! Let our thoughts be the play of that true freedom! Let our speech be the song of that true freedom! Let our deeds be the dance of benefiting others! After waking up, let us see this world again.