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Light on the Wisdom Teachings of the Buddha

Let us wake up to the way of bodhi,
From the deep slumber of confused living!
Let us stroll through the ways of bodhi,
Free from the fetters of religious clinging!
Let the warmth of bodhi melt the borders!
Let us walk together in that vast expanse!

(from the poem Way of Bodhi)

This initiative of “Way of Bodhi” is to make the essence of Buddhism, as preserved in a variety of cultures, accessible to all without cultural barriers. Way of Bodhi means the practice of Buddhism as a way of living with deepening wisdom awareness. With this, every stride in life is another instance in a wholesome and blissful journey of openness, clarity, simplicity, peace and loving kindness. As we set out on the ways of bodhi, destructive emotions melt away in the light of wisdom and there is the dawn of wakeful presence.


Through writings, discourses, dialogues and various other means, we try to convey the undiluted essence of Buddhism along with all its practical methods of meditation and transformation. “Way of Bodhi” is based in Bangalore, India, and we also give discourses in others part of India such as Kerala in various forums.


We appreciate the need for the expression of this essence of Buddhism through varieties of traditions and cultures to meet the needs of varieties of people. Thus, “Way of Bodhi” presents expressions of Buddhism ranging from the practice traditions such as Dzogchen, Mahamudra, Zen, Mantrayana, Paramita-yana, Theravada, etc. as well as the scholastic traditions of Nalanda and its later branches around the world, to convey the essential meaning of Buddhism in all its beauty, richness and flavors.  Let us not turn them into yet another religion, but appreciate and practice with openness to free us from all clingings.


May people of all religions, atheists and agnostics equally benefit from “Way of Bodhi” in turning their lives into expression of wisdom and openness! Eventually, may all be able to cut across the clinging to various doctrines and walk free from religion in the light of direct wisdom! May there be happiness and peace in the world! May all be auspicious!



Way of Bodhi

An Open Way of Awakening

Way of Bodhi is the practice of Buddhism as a way of living with deepening wisdom awareness. In fact, awakening in Buddhism is always through such an open way.

In this open way of living with wakefulness and compassion that cuts through all religiosity, everything is a path as long as we sail with the light of prajna (insightful understanding) and maintain sensitivity to the concerns of others. Barriers of religion, culture, race, etc. fall apart as we approach life with open awareness. As the hallucinations of boundaries that separate us from the rest of the sentient world dissolve in the light of wisdom, loving kindness and compassion are simply the natural state of our being. Every one of us has the ability to discover it in this life.
The paths that the Buddha showed are indeed the "ways of bodhi" than the "ways to bodhi" because awakening is not just a distant goal, but what we discover in every moment. Speculative theories and metaphysics have no role in the teachings of the Buddha. It is all about relaxing in the spacious openness of mind and at the same time vividly seeing and understanding everything in its immediate presence as and when it arises. Everything that the Buddha taught - self-discipline (śīla), meditation (samādhi) and wisdom (prajña) – is essentially about cultivating that open and clear awareness.
Whether we take to the way of wholesome living of the lay people, the way of renunciation of the monastics, the way of compassion of the bodhisattvas, the way of pure presence of the mantra-practitioners, the way of spontaneous perfection of the ati-yogis (Dzogchenpas), or as in most cases a way that spans across all these ways, all of that rely on cultivating openness, non-clinging and a wakeful presence – at one level or other. All of these are the pathways of living in the increasing light of wisdom awareness – eventually realizing the emptiness of even the pathways that we traversed through, seeing the insubstantiality of everything that arises and yet effortlessly resting in their presence, and compassionately mingling for the benefit of others.


Yogi Prabodha Jnana

Yogi Prabodha Jnana

Prabodha Jnana (Ajith Prasad) - Bauddha Yogi (Buddhist Yogi), meditation teacher, philosopher and writer - is co-founder of “Way of Bodhi”.

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Yogini Abhaya Devi

Yogini Abhaya Devi

Abhaya Devi (Priya Ananda) – Bauddha Yogini (Buddhist Yogini), meditation teacher, writer and artist - is co-founder of “Way of Bodhi”.

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