Freedom and Bondage

The Genuine Freedom – What it Takes to be a Freethinker?

We claim to be “free thinkers”. But, are we really free in our thoughts?
If this is so, we must be thinking from clear and direct wisdom unstained by habitual presumptions, inclinations and taboos. Often, that is not the case. Whatever we hear, does it remain inside as just pieces of information we can use freely? Rather, it molds us to think in specific ways. What we hear turns into bondage – of presumptions, inclinations and taboos.


Buddhism – a Path beyond Religion

At one level, Buddhism offers practical tools that anyone can use irrespective of their religion. Beyond that, to fully benefit, one has to break free from all sorts of religious clinging – theistic, atheistic and agnostic, to take an open journey of awareness – with reason and direct seeing. Here is an analysis on this crucial point to understand Buddhism.


Behind that Strength

Along with the demise of Buddhism in India, its birthplace, the insight into its deeper meaning also vanished from here without a trace. Yet there still remains in this land the inspiration that the Awakened One, the Buddha provided through his fearlessness and purity, his views on social equality and his doctrine of non-violence and compassion.