The Lake-born Vajra – Guru Padmasambhava

Verses of homage to Guru Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche), also known as the Lake-born Vajra (Saroruha-vajra), the Lotus-born (Padmākara), etc.

Guru Rinpoche - Guru Padmasambhava - Saroruhavajra

O the Supreme Guru from Oddiyana, the Lake-born Vajra, homage to you!


The Guru of Spontaneous Perfection,1
You show the way of natural liberation
Of thoughts and emotions freeing at their own place!
How marvelous! The supreme secret of the perfect Buddhas!


In you is the confluence of all vajra paths,
Through the eight masters of wisdom awareness!2
In you is the essence of the Buddhas of all times,
The source of countless paths for beings of all kinds!3


In you shine the pure display of cognizance bare,
The eight sattvas4, the peaceful play of compassion!
In you blaze the swift tamers of conceptual smear,
The eight herukas5, the wrathful play of compassion!


In the clear lake of my awareness
Upon the lotus blossom of awakening mind,
With the perfect marks of stainless radiance,
You arise, the Lotus-born Guru of innate bodhi!


The space of mind swirls up as playful maidens6
The effortless play of spontaneous perfection!
Perceptions turn into the mandala of awakening!7
In this wondrous display, I rest in evenness.


May the grace of Guru melt the veil of darkness!
May all beings realize self-awareness as the Guru!
May they attain freedom from the torments of worldliness,
In the innate perfection of the Guru of wakefulness!

On this anniversary day of Guru Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche) that comes once in 12 years, (on the 13th August 2016, the 10th day of the Monkey month of the Monkey year of the lunar calendar cycle of 12 years), I, Yogi Prabodha Jnana, penned these lines as a tribute to the ever-compassionate Guru who is the source of guidance and inspiring presence right from the beginning of my journey in the path. May all beings swiftly discover their innate perfection! May the world pervade with peace and happiness!




About Guru Padmasambhava

Guru Padmasambhava, also known as Guru Rinpoche is regarded as the second Buddha who turned the wheel of Vajrayana teachings (the esoteric teachings of Buddhism) extensively. At a common historic level, he was born in Oddiyana, took to the path at Bodh-Gaya and then practiced in various locations around India, and attained enlightenment at Yanglesho cave in Nepal. He travelled to Tibet in the 8th Century AD and established Buddhism in Tibet plateau and all across the mountains of Himalaya.


A short description of these verses

The first stanza pays homage to Guru at this common historical level as the great teacher of Dzogchen (Mahasandhi Yoga). The second and third stanzas pay homage to Guru at a deeper level – to his esoteric wisdom presence. Having attained perfect awakening in the rainbow body of great transference, he remains as a source of guidance, inspiration and support as the living embodiment of the Buddhas of all times. The fourth and fifth stanzas pay homage to the deepest aspect of Guru Padmasambhava, none other than one’s own awakening wisdom. The reflection and meditation upon the outer Guru lead to recognizing one’s own nature as the supreme Guru. The last stanza is dedication.


About the picture above

In the foreground is a statue of Guru Padmasambhava from the Patan Museum in Nepal, possibly matching with how he would appeared in physical form as a compassionate teacher. (Photo courtesy for the statue from Museum – Tibeto-Logic Blog) In the backdrop is a typical visualization of Guru Rinpoche used for the purpose of meditation. This particular one is from the revealed treasure teachings of Dudjom Tersar. The overall picture theme explores the Guru in his exoteric and esoteric aspects: as a teacher – the outer Guru, and as a sublime Buddha – the inner Guru of awakening.

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