Way of Bodhi

Way of Bodhi - A poem

Let us wake up to the way of bodhi,
From the deep slumber of confused living!
That thick smoke of habits we hold on,
Let go, let bodhi shines forth brightly!


Let us stroll through the ways of bodhi,
Free from the fetters of religious clinging!
Let us bask in the wakeful presence,
Where compassion knows no bounds!


Let the warmth of bodhi melt the borders!
Let us walk together in that great expanse!
Let our compassion heal the pain of millions!
As kindness melts ego, let bodhi blaze higher!


When the light of prajna shines steadily
There is nothing that is not a way of bodhi.
Relax in that insight! Let all turbulence settle!
Let that space of bodhi rise up in benefit of all!


Homage to the wisdom that shines forth from within!
Homage to the guides who kindle it from outside!
Homage to the compassion that throbs from within!
Homage to the suffering beings who kindle it from outside!


Yogi Prabodha Jnana
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